What is Mailock?

Mailock is designed to make sending and receiving email simple, safe and secure. Thanks to an easy to install add-in for Outlook you can send secure email with the click of a button straight from the email system you use everyday.

Why did we create Mailock?

Nearly 205 billion emails are sent every day! Many contain sensitive information or confidential attachments that can expose you as well as your clients, friends and family to identity theft. However, sending confidential information by traditional post is not only slower and less convenient but it comes with it’s own risks! We wanted to find a solution to this problem and give people an easy to use, hassle free and, most importantly, safe way to send communications. Learn more about how it works.

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Feature Freemium1
(Home / Student)
Use Your Existing Email System
Send & Receive Securely
Verify Recipient Identity & Read Receipt
Encrypted Message Vault 50MB2,3 Contact us
Message Life 30 day expiry2 Contact us
Attachment Size Limit 5MB4 Contact us
Revoke Sent Emails
Advert Free Email
Company Administrator Portal
1Home / Student / Trial usage - subject to Acceptable Usage Policy.
2Messages older than 30 days will be deleted.
3Storage space is freed up when messages expire.
4Attachments limited to 5MB/day and 1 attachment per message.